Implement, track, and follow policy

Arbutus Solutions’ policy management tool, Atlas, enables our public sector clients to effectively implement initiatives derived from new and existing policies.

Atlas reduces risk, increases staff efficiency, and empowers government to put strategy into action.

To learn more watch our Case Study for the BC Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation.


Business Problem #1: Policy Management Inefficiencies

In many organizations policy ends up living in a seemingly random collection of file shares and hard copies.  This can lead to staff wasting time searching for policy, acting on an outdated information or, in a worst case scenario, not knowing that a policy exists.

The Solution: Centralized Repository & Collaboration

The first step to putting effective policy lifecycle management into place is to inventory, control, and track existing policy. This allows for existing policy to be directly imported into the system in one step from Microsoft Office based tools.

Our solution’s document management feature provides a centralized repository that utilizes the world class collaboration and workflow abilities of SharePoint.



Business Problem #2: Managing the Policy Lifecycle

How well a policy is implemented determines if it is successful or not. Implementation involves the activities designed to carry out the policies and the creation of teams who will translate the laws into operational rules. 

The Solution: Policy Implementation Tool

Policy is often tied to regulations and social programs. Successful implementation of these programs is essential to the adoption of policy. In order to ensure expected results are achieved, the solution provides the planning, execution, and tracking tools to ensure that projects are carried out in full.

The project portfolio management features guarantee that projects are aligned to respective policies, provide strategic value, are successfully deployed, have visible success, and ensures that these values are measurable. 



Business Problem #3: Dealing with Change

Environmental changes that impact policy are a fact of life.  Legal judgments, government reorganizations, and changes in strategic focus may require the alteration of policy.

The Solution: Impact Visibility

The change management features enable users to quickly deal with alterations by highlighting policies effected by the change.

This solution not only ensures staff are acting on the most up to date version of policy, but shows feedback from colleagues also working with that policy and any changes made since the last version.