Policy Management

“Effectively implement, track, and follow policy initiatives.”


Within public sector organizations there is a tendency for policy to live as a collection of file shares and hard copies. With Atlas the policy life-cycle is managed fluently.

In one step existing policy can be directly imported into the system where it is controlled, tracked, tagged, and searchable. Having a centralized repository enables collaboration throughout the policy life cycle.

Atlas, Arbutus Solutions’ Policy Management tool, empowers Policy Managers to:

  • Monitor the success of projects driven from policies
  • Mitigate risk when implementing policy
  • Access a centralized repository for information
  • Visibly understand the impacts of policy changes


Change control

“Allow the change request process to be directly managed within the EPM solution.”


The Chameleon Application allows change requests with formal approval processes to be directly managed within the Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution, using the powerful governance and auditing capabilities of Project Server technology.


Form Genie


Form generation simplified

“Create mobile-friendly contact forms, surveys, and event registrations with ease.”


Form Genie enables users to quickly create forms that can be embedded directly into a website or email. That way you can collect all the data you need.

Complexity is up to you, you can drag and drop fields or build a form from the ground up. And, depending on your needs, forms can change dynamically based on a user’s answer.


Form Genie empowers organizations to:

  • Create forms based on templates
  • Generate dynamic reports
  • Use rule-based questions to craft forms that can change with user interaction


Help App

User-defined help

“Allows organizations to have their own context-specific help available throughout Project Server. Imagine Post-it notes for your project and portfolio management tools.”


The Help Button App combines intuitive design with quick thinking. The tool enables organizations to create their own context-specific notes throughout Project Server. When a user clicks the help button, a pop-up window appears with precise information on how to use the feature.


Load project data with ease

 “Allows companies to manage and update large quantities of data quickly, reducing the administrative burden on project managers.”


Arbutus Solutions’ Portal tool allows companies to manage and update large amounts of project data quickly. Project data entered into the template are uploaded to the system at regular intervals to provide a complete picture of any project and drive reporting.

This tool is popular for clients looking to include project and resource data from other systems without integration.


Snapshot Tool

Capture project information

“With Snapshot Tool, users can capture project information to aide with audits, analyze project statuses, and develop best practices based on trends.”


The Snapshot Tool provides PMOs visibility of their portfolio and project performance to enhance planning and risk mitigation. Our clients have found the tool greatly improves their reporting capabilities by taking regular snapshots of project performance so they can see trends over time.

The tool provides users with the capability to:

  • Capture project information during critical points.
  • Analyze differences in project status and activities to understand trends.
  • Develop best practices based on trends to enhance governance processes. 


“Watchtower is an online, interactive tool that lets a user dissect project data from any device.”

The Arbutus Solutions’ Watchtower is an online application enabling users to gain on-demand ad hoc reporting. The dashboard uses visual tiles to present information in an easy-to-digest way for simplified decision-making.

The Watchtower tool is popular for staff and executives in organizations to:

  • Gain access to vital project information, often eliminating the need for reporting templates.
  • Filter data by performance indicators such as risk management, operational success, and organizational responsibilities.
  • Drill down to details based on decision making criteria.
  • Search project information with one click.