Ray Letts

Chief Technology Officer

Ray combines his diverse professional experience as an IT developer and business consultant in his approach to solving client problems.

As CTO of Arbutus Solutions, Ray coordinates the technical aspects of project delivery, hosting, support, and technical staff development. Ray ardently believes in our commitment to merge technical expertise with business acumen to produce comprehensive Enterprise Project Management solutions for our clients.

Ray has worked as an executive in public sector and government for over 30 years. His abilities as both a solid technician and a ‘people person’ have enabled him to thrive in a variety of professional sectors including healthcare, post-secondary education, utilities, civil service, and agribusiness. Ray also possesses an aptitude for language and culture, enriched by his passion for travel, that enables him to interact confidently in global markets.

Graeme Byrne

Vice President, Project Delivery

With over 25 years of experience in operations management and business consulting, Graeme has held executive positions in various corporations across North America and Europe.

As Vice President of Project Delivery, Graeme’s focus is on delivering solutions that exceed client expectations. He has extensive expertise in project management and knows how to balance innovating the best possible solution while considering the client’s’ budget and timeline. He firmly believes in assisting his clients to gain valuable business insights from which to improve their business practices and productivity.

Graeme has a passion for business leadership that he practices with both clients and the Arbutus team – supporting a collaborative environment in which all contributor’s voices are heard and respected. He manages all of our client engagement teams, including project managers and business analysts.

Having traveled extensively, Graeme is very adaptable, possesses excellent people skills, is diplomatic and tactful, and brings a practical approach to problem solving.

Michael Patrick

Vice President, Business Solutions

Michael has the unique ability to take an executive’s vision and design a flexible solution providing the desired business value. He possesses both the technical aptitude and the managerial skills required to effectively integrate technology and processes for our clients.  As a recognized industry leader, he regularly participates in speaking engagements with the Project Management Institute (PMI), Microsoft Project Conference, and Project World.

Michael works directly with the Project Server development group at Microsoft and collaborated on the earliest implementations of Project Server 2007 and Project Server 2010 in Canada. His technical skills have qualified him as a virtual technical specialist for Microsoft and he has contributed to several high profile Microsoft development projects including Project Finance and Project Server.

Michael Treasure

Managing Partner, Asia

In his role as Managing Partner of Asia, Michael draws from his extensive business experience. Michael earned his MBA in International Business, honing his theoretical approach to business process management. His approach focuses on meeting client needs through a solid understanding of client requirements and centers on bringing together information technology and process enhancements to improve organizational performance.

Michael believes Arbutus Solutions delivers incomparable results to its clients, in part because of the abundance of business expertise shared collectively amongst the partners and technical delivery team. He also attributes the team’s proficiency to the cultural and geographic diversity that has provided exposure to common EPM scenarios across different industries and around the globe. He looks forward to more international opportunities for Arbutus Solutions.